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Start+ Eco-Plastic

Because there's nothing worse than running out of filament.

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Expand your play with 3Doodler Start+ accessories.

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Slide this switch to turn it on. Allow 1 minute for the pen to warm up. Out of power? Charge it up!

Pick a color, turn your pen on, and then feed in the strand until you feel it grip.

Red means warming up, green is ready to doodle, and charging when flashing yellow.

Click to start, click to stop, double click to reverse. It takes 10-15 seconds for a new strand to feed through the pen, then you can start Doodling in 3D!

Plug in and recharge quickly and easily.

With a special heat proof design the Start+ nozzle tip and extruded plastic remain cool to the touch. Our plastic hardens after a few seconds, giving you time to shape your creation before it “sets”!

How It Works

Touch the circles to learn about the various 3Doodler START+ pen features.

Easy as
1, 2, 3D1, 2, 3D

Whether your child is into arts & crafts, science and math, or building & tinkering, we have projects that will capture their attention & get them creating!

Why People Love 3Doodler Start+...

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Safe and Clean

No hot parts. No messy glue or resin. Uses our 3Doodler Start+ Eco-Plastic.

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Easy to Use

Just turn it on, insert a strand and start Doodling anything you want in 3D, immediately.

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Charge it up in ~30 minutes and Doodle anywhere!

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Activity Guide

An included booklet features useful Getting Started Tips and 10+ stencils to support your first Doodling experience!

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Limitless Fun

Create anything you like with 3Doodler Start+. The fun is limited only by your imagination.


RNIB Approved

Endorsed and recommended for blind and partially sighted people.

Over 2.5 MILLION Happy 3Doodlers!

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