A few compelling 3Doodler Start factoids in no particular order...

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1Touch Me!

No hot parts AND an amazing Eco-Plastic that melts at super low temperatures.

2Look! No Wires!

Doodle anywhere anytime! Charge it up & get 45-60 minutes of Doodle-tastic wireless use.

3Reboot Old Toys

Doodle a new head for your BB-8, a Hot Wheels ramp, or add to your LEGO Minecraft sets.

4Use Your Hands

You can mold & shape your Doodles before the Eco-Plastic hardens.

5No Waste

Our plastic will decompose in your back yard or can be put in any household compost! Mother Earth, you're welcome!

6So, So, Simple

Single temperature and speed settings. Simply turn it on, insert a strand, and begin Doodling.

7Educate In A New Dimension!

Helps kids develop the skills needed for design, planning, building, and spatial understanding!

8DoodleBlocks, Yeah!

Kids will love using the new DoodleBlocks to create beautiful, accurate results across a range of themes.

9Great Lengths Of Fun

One plastic strand can make Doodles up to 10 times its original length. How many Doodles can you make?

10The World's First

In case you missed it, 3Doodler Start is the first 3D printing pen that’s truly safe for kids aged 8+.